Terraz Exploration Box: 4x pasta of all kinds



Terraz Exploration Box: 4x pasta of all kinds



1x 15% Cricket Tagliatelle

1x Cricket Tagliatelle with red lentils

1x Spirulina Tagliatelle with red lentils

1x Red lentils Tagliatelle

Inovative combination for active people and those, who are searching for healthy and sustainable food. (2-3 portions per package)

Try out our exploration package of Terraz Pasta! You will get a combination of Terraz boxes and a small gift)


We are introducing you to the pasta of the future. Our main goal is to bring you a sustainable version of pasta, which is full of proteins, iron, antioxidants and other nutritions our body needs. Because the future is us and the future is our planet, we only produce them from sustainable sources. The ingredients you will find in our pasta are of the highest quality with a high nutritional profile. In one word written – superfoods! As food lovers, we have tried to bring you pasta that will enchant you with its taste and texture. We believe that we have succeeded and now we can only wish you bon appetit!