Cooking Time 30 mins

Amazing and easy recipe. One of our favourite. 

1x Eggplant⁠
1x onion⁠
2x carrots⁠
1x zucchini⁠
3x garlic cloves⁠
1x chille pepper⁠
2dcl white dry wine⁠
6x bigger tomatoes⁠
200g Terraz Pasta⁠
Handful of basil⁠
Salt, Pepper, Olive oil⁠

Firstly we sliced eggplant to small cubes (1x1x1cm) and put into the hot pan with oil. We roast them until they will be golden brown (This will get rid of eggplant natural acidity). Once we have it we add thinly sliced onion and cube sliced carrots. We wait until they got soften and add cubed sliced zucchini together with garlic and little bit of basil for taste. After 2 minutes we pour wine into mixture and let alcohol evaporate for couple of minutes. Lastly we add fined chopped tomatoes and let cook for 20min on low heat.⁠

Meanwhile we make our pasta and when sauce is ready we add it for couple minutes there that they can absorb the sauce.⁠

We serve with parmesan, olive oil and basil.⁠



Cooking Time 20 mins.

1x Middle Sized Onion
200g Mushrooms (Champignon)
2x Gloves of Garlic
2x Spoon of Pickled Peppers
Handful of Tarragon
2dcl of Almond Cream (or regular one)
Terraz Pasta (200g)
Butter, pepper, salt

We start with putting thinly sliced onion into the hot pan with butter. Once it is golden we add  cutted mushrooms, garlic, peppers and little bit of tarragon. Once mushrooms are cooked (they loose one third up to half of their size)  we put cooked pasta and cream. We cook for 1-2 minutes for pasta to absorb the sauce and add salt and pepper.

We serve with parmesan cheese and tarragon.

Bon Apetit



Cooking Time 20 mins.


Half of onion
Two Cloves of Garlic
Handful of Parsley
4x Teaspoon of Capers
Tomato Puree
100ml Dry White Wine
Balsamic Winegar
5x bigger tomatoes
Terraz Pasta (200g)
Olive oil, pepper, salt

Firstly chop onion to small pieces and put it to preheated pan with olive oil. Once it is golden brown add chopped garlic with little bit of parsley and capers. Cook for 1-2min and add tomato puree with two splash of balsamic vinegar and wine. Wait up to 2min until alcohol is boiled out and chopped tomatoes. Season and let cook for 10min. Meanwhile cook your pasta in salty water and once it is ready add it to sauce for 1-2min to absorb all the flavours. 

Serve your pasta with rest of parsley, mozzarella and little bit of balsamic vinegar.

Love it?


Cooking Time 15 mins.

2x Cloves of garlic⁠
1x medium size zucchini⁠
4x table spoon of tahini⁠
Half of avocado⁠
Juice from half of lemon⁠
hand full of pine seeds⁠
200g Terraz pasta⁠
Oil, salt, pepper⁠

Start with adding pasta to boiling salted water. Put finely chopped garlic together with diced cut zucchini into preheated pan and cook for 3min. Once pasta is done add it to the pan, together with some of pasta water. Put tahini and chopped avocado to mixture and stir it well. If the pasta is too thick, add little bit of water. Finish it with seasoning, roasted pine seeds and lemon juice.⁠