Terraz Tagliatelle – 15% cricket flour

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Cricket pasta wheat:

Ingredients: cricket flour 15%, WHEAT FLOUR and water.

Inovative combination for active people and those, who are searching for healthy and sustainable food. (2-3 portions)


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Terraz pasta brings you a simple and the most loved food in Europe but finally with the powerful ingredience – 15% of cricket flour. The best a high dose of top-quality protein for your body. Thanks to crickets, our pasta contains all essential amino acids, vitamin B12, iron, calcium and magnesium.

We follow the rule – LESS IS MORE – less feed, less water, less land, less Greenhouse gases & less time is needed than the agriculture we know. Pasta is made by our hands with love and a spark of fresh water from Slovakian mountains – High Tatras.

Try new and delicious superfood with a sustainable protein of the future.