Cricket Tagliatelle with red lentils



This pasta is almost miraculous for its excellent properties, taste and content. Thanks to crickets (yes, crickets!) it contains a lot of protein, amino acids, vitamin B12, iron and other nutrients and minerals. However, unlike conventional animal breeding, cricket are harmless to nature and therefore sustainable. Finally, you can enjoy healthy pasta with a smile on your face. To make it even better, we also added red lentils, which move our pasta to the next level of protein and nutrients. Quality semolina flour will bring you the texture you expect from pasta. It is intended not only for brave adventurers but for everyone who cares about ecology. It has a delicate nutty taste and therefore goes well with cream sauces. 6 minutes and you’re done!

Ingredients: Semolina flour (80%), red lentil flour (15%), cricket flour (5%), water

Nutritional values (per 100g)

Energy                                                       1451kJ – 347kcal

Fat                                                              1.1 g  

Of which saturates                                  1.0 g

Carbohydrate                                           55.7 g

Of which sugars                                       0.1 g

Fibre                                                           5.4 g

Protein                                                       25.0 g

Salt                                                              0.1 g