Pasta of the future

Protein of the future

The best top-quality protein for your body. Thanks to crickets, our pasta contains all essential amino acids, vitamin B12, iron, calcium and magnesium.


We follow the rule – LESS IS MORE – less feed, less water, less land, less Greenhouse gases & less time is needed than the agriculture we know.

With Crickets

Why crickets? Because they are sustainable source of protein, incredibly nutritious & very tasty.


Made with love with our hands with a spark of fresh water from the Tatra mountains.

We are working against gravity and creating new possibilities!

the main focus for us is to not just sell the pasta, but to promote the new way of living.

The beginning of the revolution

The beginning of our Terraz story started in our heads before crickets became “cool”.  Years ago we bought crickets in the animal store because at school they presented bugs as very tasty and nutritious. So why not to try them, right? At the end it was a funny night with many jumping crickets in the house. But this was also a day when we fell in love with crickets.

 Time was passing and we continued in our jobs without deeper meaning. However after one serious accident one of us being unable to work for 9 months, was a time to realise how and where to put our energy and our skills to help people, nature and do something what we believe in.

We know it is not an easy and quick task to show people that crickets are the future but we hope after trying our tasty and sustainable pasta, you will become our loyal customer and you will help us build and share our philosophy.

Terraz pasta is our baby, our favourite food, our energy. Try it and help us to be better.

Contact us

Become our cricket friend and stay in touch!


phone: +420 608 916 390

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